“Io ho fatto per mia devozione una chiesa intitolata alla Madre di Dio seu hospitale de peregrini cossi nominata della Santità di Papa Gregorio tertio decimo per due Scritture l’una Graziosa l’altra Religiosa”.

Don Fabrizio Pignatelli dictated these words to specify in his will the reasons underlying his decision to build a small church and a hospital for pilgrims outside the Porta Reale (Royal Gate). The one-nave, classical Santa Maria Mater Domini Church was completed in 1574, and its trachytic rock façade still retains the original shape.

Above the door of the Church is a statue depicting the Virgin and Child by Francesco Laurana, which was placed there as a protection for pilgrims. It was subsequently moved to the ciborium of the main altar and replaced with a replica, in order to preserve it.


Chiesa S.MariaMaterdomini Interno


On the left side of the altar lies the Fabrizio Pignatelli memorial by Michelangelo Naccherino, with a bronze statue depicting him kneeling, unarmed and humble (about 1590), which was commissioned by Decio Caracciolo and Alfonso Galeotta.

Two marble coats of arms, previously placed on the façade, show the emblems of Pope Gregorio XIII and the Spanish Monarchy at the end of the fifteenth century. They are made up of fragments of a sixth-century bas-relief depicting dromedaries drinking from a water source. In a small room just before the former sacristy – which now contains the Historical Archive – are six wooden, polychrome statues depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ, created between the last quarter of the sixteenth and first half of the seventeenth century.


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