In 1582, don Fabrizio Pignatelli granted the Archconfraternity the rights on the hospital, the S. Maria Mater Domini Church and the nearby buildings, as well as the right to build an Oratory in the same place.

 The Archconfraternity experienced sustained growth during its early decades, as the pilgrims housed in the complex and the people working for it grew steadily in number. For this reason, the first Oratory was built at the end of the sixteenth century.

Several expansion projects were taken into account before Carlo Vanvitelli built the current Church between 1792 and 1796. Vanvitelli managed to give the Church a new, original appeal, while at the same time keeping its main previous features unaltered. Therefore, although the Church still retains its initial length, it was actually expanded by removing some artifacts and using a nearby garden.

Beyond the featureless entrance of the Hospital, visitors can see the magnificent staircase made of piperno, or trachytic rock, and the façade of the Church.
The door is placed between four Corinthian pilasters topped with a triangular gable and flanked by small pyramids, and exhibits a classical pattern reflecting the inner features of the Church. The façade is coated with both stucco and trachytic rock: while rock makes it look heavier, stucco makes it seem lighter. On the sides, two statues by Angelo Viva are placed in two niches depicting the two patron saints, St. Gennaro and St. Filippo Neri.


Interactive tour: SS. Trinità Church and Choir

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