The so-called Salone del Mandatum (Hall of the Commandment) dates back to 1589, when a large room on the first floor was first used to accommodate convalescent poor people, shortly after the first hospital was completed. In 1591 the hospital of the convalescent was established, in addition to the hospital of the pilgrims, set up in 1578.

The staircase leading to the hall was located in the left wing of the hospital, near the wall built to connect it to the church, on the other side of the yard. On the top of the connecting wall, a terrace enabled patients to reach the church directly. After the convalescent patients were moved to another building and the Casa dei Pellegrini (House of Pilgrims) became a surgical hospital, the lounge on the first floor was used for various new activities.




Starting from the last years in the twentieth century, it came to be used as a meeting place for the Piccola Congrega, as well as an exhibition room for valuable paintings and documents, and for cultural events.
The name of the hall (Salone del Mandatum) refers to the rite that the brethren performed every day to prove their humbleness: washing the feet of the pilgrims in the hospital. This rite took place every evening in a hall called “Sala del Mandatum”, and was based on the washing of the feet mentioned in the Gospel, when Jesus washed His apostles’ feet after ordering them: “Mandatum novum do vobis, ut diligatis invicem...” ("A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you").

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