Marble, bronze, wood, and stucco statues – such as the ones dating back to the sixteenth century and those depicting the Holy Week, the Saints, and the Trinity – have witnessed the history of the Archconfraternity.

Among the statues, the following ones should be mentioned:

First: the Virgin with Child by Francesco Laurana (1472-1473), previously placed in a niche above the door of the church, but later moved to the ciborium of the main altar in the Santa Maria Mater Domini Church.

Second: the Trinity by Angelo Viva (stucco and papier-mache, 1797), placed behind the main altar designed by Mario Gioffredo (1747), in the SS Trinità Church. Angelo Viva also made the stucco statues of St. Gennaro and St. Philip, placed on the façade of the church.

The last, warranting special mention, are the six polychrome poplar wooden statues (XVI-XVII centuries) made by Neapolitan artists, which depict full-sized scenes from the Passion of Jesus Christ. There were twenty statues, but only the following ones still exist: The Virgin Mary, St. John and Magdalene, Christ at the column, Ecce Homo, and Christ bearing the cross.



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