Complex of 1156 volumes or folders and 250 parchments (public and private documents) embracing the period of five centuries since the founding of the Arciconfraternita today.
In addition to the royal and ecclesiastical acts, bulls, and the papal brief, they retain many private documents, patents and instruments, received the archives of the Arciconfraternita, in all probability, together with the papers relating bequests.
Fourteen volumes of the sixteenth century, the oldest of which is dated August 15, 1579 and contains the list of brothers and sisters entered the Arciconfraternita.
The largest group of volumes of the sixteenth century, consists of "books and licenses for the search of alms" and "Books of the Pilgrims 'alms', containing the recording of the Arch alms bestowed in the years between 1581 and 1586, including also seek contributions made with proper authorization of the civil authority in the provinces "of the Apruzzo Cirra ed Ultra e Contado di Molise".
There are also stores a group of correspondence and receipts containing various autograph letters of the king of Spain, with their seals.
This is a correspondence passed between the central government in Spain and the viceroy of Naples. The most numerous autograph letters or copies, dated between 1592 and 1601. Still belongs to the sixteenth century, a folder of documents relating to the establishment of the Arciconfraternita. These are three volumes of undoubted interest, the first of which contains information on the foundation of the church of Santa Maria dei Pellegrini, which took place on the initiative of Don Fabrizio Pignatelli, in an area close to the walls of Porta Reale. The partnership was approved and sanctioned by the papal bull of Gregory XIII December 13, 1574.


Among the most interesting volumes of the seventeenth century, the book is dedicated to the archived recording of alms made to the company during the years 1600 and 1625 holy, testifies that, at the administrative level, liturgical and welfare, the great activity of the Arciconfraternita on these occasions giving rise to the very purpose of its existence.
There are also five books of "Conclusions" and "Appointments" as it is recorded, in chronological order, the decisions adopted by the Government on the administration of the Arciconfraternita and Hospital. Are volumes that detect a particular care in their outward appearance with golden ornaments and inscriptions on the back. Dated December 23, 1620 a letter to the viceroy of Filippo III card. Antonio Zapata, in which the request is approved, made on behalf of the Hospital of the Pilgrims, the liberation of a person sentenced to death on the feast of SS. Trinità.
The eighteenth century, 156 are on file and folders between volumes. Among the volumes of interest we note two volumes accounting dating back to 1725, during the Holy Year which were noted among other things accumulated alms and donations, among them we note the payment of 500 ducats authorized by letter from Carlo VI sent from Vienna February 10, 1725. Among the other documents included a copy of a coupon of 500 ducats drawn from Madrid by Re Carlo II for the Holy Year 1700, all this confirms, through the symbolic participation of the central authority, the prestige of the company regardless of the alternating of dynasties. A very interesting series is represented by the "Memoirs" that is, 13 volumes of the relevant historical memories of the company since its inception. Of the nineteenth century, there are 500 volumes, of which 270 relate well to the accounts.
Interesting are the records of the members where they recorded the attendance of members present at meetings of the Government and as a logical consideration, those which indicate the "lateness, absenteeism and lack of constant daily report by the Rector and Deputies” And 'printed in 1882 a record which lists the brothers enrolled. Among the books written specifically for the administration of the Hospital will notice the long series (37 volumes) of books "relating to individuals entrants, sorted, and died in the hospital."
Another is the substantial number of "Surgical Reports", or volumes in which operations are annotated first aid and acceptance. Singular but explained is the presence of a volume on file in English with the report of 1867 on epidemics of cholera and yellow fever in the army of the United States. And 'published by the office of the government and is a detailed treatise on the symptoms and treatment of two evils. The text is justified in certain information and documentation, and especially cultural and professional updating, in a branch of medicine closely related to the social situation at the Neapolitan and that outbreaks of infectious diseases. Related to the twentieth century, finally, there are about 445 volumes dating up to 1957 dedicated to accounting, administration, records of the interventions of the members, records and assets of the housing units and a large number of books that relate to the activity hospital (admissions, emergency, diagnostic and related treatments). ​

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